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Career Options

The global music industry is vast and career opportunities within it are extensive. And since music transcends language barriers, you could find yourself working in any country in the world.

Or you could be influenced by the rapid evolution of technology and find yourself composing for online and offline gaming, websites or mobile phones. Wherever multimedia goes, music will be there.

Career opportunities for a professional musician are diverse, seldom mundane, and always relevant. Our programmes have been created with this in mind and are designed to equip you with many valuable and transferable life skills to prepare you for an exciting career in music. Our aim is to prepare you for sustainable success in an ever-changing industry.

See the types of careers you could have.

If you're more interested in producing music, there are many opportunities in the creative industries. These are:

  • Multimedia work
  • Film, soundtrack and score writing
  • Writing advertising jingles
  • TV documentary and series soundtrack musician
  • Broadcast music e.g. library composition and production
  • Theatre sound design and music production
  • Computer gaming musician
  • Development of music software
  • Corporate product launches

There are many opportunities in Education, including:

  • Private or school teacher
  • Music therapist

You could also move into postgraduate study or into more specific study such as ethnomusicology.

Those who have studied music can also work in events and music management as:

  • Event planning and management
  • Promotional agencies
  • Artist management

There are many opportunities as a professional musician including:

  • Entertainer or performer
  • Composer or arranger
  • Songwriter
  • Musical director
  • Instrumentalist
  • Music consultancy through companies or individual contractors

As a professional performer, there are many opportunities that you can take. These include:

  • Entertainer or performer, as a soloist, member of a group or orchestra
  • Songwriter
  • Band member or backing musician
  • Cruise ship performer
  • Studio and session work
  • Private performer at weddings or corporate events
  • Working in the tourism industry